Easy Paleo Meal :: Eggs, Ham, and Organic Greens

You're busy. I'm busy. Who has time for fancy food-making these days?  Not me. Here's an easy Paleo meal you can whip up today. … [Continue reading]

Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down

As the old Carpenters’ song goes, “Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.” Not really. Fridays are my favorite day of the week; but Mondays don’t really bother me. I’m happy to have been given another day to live, laugh, and serve. You … [Continue reading]

Quick and Easy Paleo

Quick and easy paleo

When I make a meal, there are two requirements. It has to be quick. It has to be easy. {Oh, and it needs to taste good too!} … [Continue reading]

Spring has FINALLY Arrived


I was beginning to think it would never get here. Thank goodness I was wrong. The weather is finally starting to settle down.  And I really think that Spring is here. … [Continue reading]

Poached Egg Salad – Another Paleo Way to Start Your Day!

Paleo Poached Egg Salad

Since this poached-egg salad only takes a few minutes to prepare, it makes a fantastic Paleo food choice for breakfast. The What: Microwave egg poacher like this one {affiliate link} A very small amount of butter (less than ¼ teaspoon) Two … [Continue reading]

2014 : A New Year = Promises + Plans + Possibilities

2014 block of green

    Ah, welcome to 2014. A new year full of promises, plans, and possibilities. Yes, I've been away for a while (too long) and my blog has a gaping hole in it.  But I'm not going to fret about things in the past. And you … [Continue reading]

Happy Thanksgiving

  From me to you:   Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your day (and your weekend). … [Continue reading]

Trying to Catch Up …

      I’ve always believed that sometimes you just need to heed the advice of a slip of paper tucked inside a cookie.   Today my fortune cookie delivered this message:   “You are capable, competent, … [Continue reading]

A Month of Simple Thanks {Weekend}

    … [Continue reading]

A Month of Simple Thanks {No. 4}

We are blessed 500

  Today, I continue on my Thirty Days of Thanksgiving. Honestly, every moment of every day there's much to be thankful for. I hope you're enjoying this series.  I invite you to join me in my Thirty Days of Thanksgiving. No hype. No … [Continue reading]