Prepping for more Snow. And a Busy Day Ahead.

Winter sky through the tall trees
lbokel / Pixabay

Preparing for another snow storm?  Yep.

Sounds like we could get up to a foot of snow between tonight and Monday morning.

Uggh.  I was SO hoping that the crummy weather was over. But no luck.


Thankful for a warm house and a snow blower.  : )


And a busy day today:

  • Replace the whole-house water filter.
  • Clean the furnace filters.
  • Haircuts for Tall Child, my wife, and me too.
  • Grocery shopping.
  • Fill up the cars with gas.
  • Get gas/oil mixture ready for the snow blower.
  • Laundry.  ALWAYS laundry.
  • Clean house.
  • Play Monopoly on the X-box 360 for an up-coming sponsored post I’m doing.  (Excited about that!!!)
  • Plan and prep food for the week ahead.
  • Go see my dad at the nursing home.

What’s on your to-do list today?


The Sun is Shining! And that makes it a very special Terrific Tuesday!

OpenClips / Pixabay

In honor of the sun shining today, I give you this beautiful image I found on

Yes, it’s only about 14°F outside today.  And yes, it’s still very much winter time.  (And — FYI —  I’m NOT a fan of winter.)

But, somehow, the sun makes it much more bearable.

I’m looking forward to longer days and shorter nights.


The darkness of winter makes me lethargic.  And lazy.

And depressed.

So here’s to sunshine.  And more hours of daylight.   : )

And all the goodness they bring.

Wishing you a very Terrific Tuesday!

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