December’s Veggie of the Month – Radishes

CD_Veggie of the month - radishes

If you’re following me on Instagram, (you are, aren’t you?), then you’ve seen LOTS of salad photos with radishes in them.

Since my grandfather introduced me to them about fifty years ago, I’ve been a big fan of radishes.  Especially the round, red and white ones.

Grandpa grew the typical globe-shaped radishes and the white ‘icicle’ variety in his garden every year.  There are LOTS of varieties of radishes.  The Burpee site will prove that.  Click on over and take a look!

I. Love. Radishes.

They are inexpensive and make great additions to a salad.  And, they last a good long time in the refrigerator.

Radishes are colorful (perfect for the Holiday season) and they pack a big flavor.

And when you eat as many salads as I do, you depend on flavor to keep you going.

Radishes are my go-to root vegetable this time of the year.

Join me all of December and incorporate radishes into your salads, veggie trays, and more.

YOUR TURN:  Tell me if you like radishes.  What’s your favorite variety?  And what food dishes do you use them in?  Add your thoughts to the comment section below.


Hanging on to Summer … And a new blog about tomatoes.

Tomato garden in the morning


My (self-diagnosed) ADD is getting the best of me. : )

Read on for details!

The weather is teasing me with the warm, almost summer-like days.  I love it, don’t get me wrong.  But it cannot last.

Can it?

The tomatoes are still producing as you can see from the photo I took early this morning.  Although the cooler temps and shorter days are making it tough for them to ripen.  I’ll miss the garden goodness, for sure.

Speaking of tomatoes (and ADD), I’ve done another crazy thing and started yet ANOTHER blog.  This one is all about…tomatoes.

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The 2013 Gardening Season has Begun!

matt at garden boxes

We don’t have a lot of room in backyard for a garden.  Sad, I know.

The Home Owners’ Association has some strict rules.  I like rules.  But I don’t like THAT one!

We’ll push the envelope by planting as many veggies as we can in containers.  And, we’ll tuck some in between other ornamental bushes, flowers and shrubs.

We’re just getting started!


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