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Two years ago I had the privilege of speaking to my son’s sixth-grade class. It was their graduation ceremony from elementary school.

I shared lots of ideas with the kids and their parents. And when the speech was over, I presented each of them with a book called Success for Teens. The book is by the good people at the Success Foundation. You can learn about them here.

Here’s a list of the chapters in the book:

One: Little Things Matter

Two: Attitude is Everything

Three: Use the Moment

Four: Everything Starts with Small Steps

Five: There’s No Such Thing as Failure

Six: Habits are Powerful

Seven: You’re Always Learning

Eight: Make Your Dreams Come True

All the kids + their teachers + the principal received a book. I still have some boxed up at home. They are not doing anyone any good sitting in my basement, so I’m giving away five copies*.

It’s a great paperback book and makes a nice gift – whether it’s for a student moving into middle-school or high school; or a young person graduating from high school – the principles covered in the book are timeless and very helpful.


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Your Chance to Win One of Five Copies

To enter the random drawing for the book, all you have to do is leave a quick comment below. And, please, be sure to provide a valid email address so I can contact you if you’re one of the lucky winners.

Entries need to be made by 11:59 EST Sunday, May 11th.

The winners will be drawn sometime on Monday (May 12th) and announced here on the blog on Tuesday, May 13th.

Thanks and good luck to you!


*U.S. shipping addresses only

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