Homekeeping :: Wednesday Wipe Down

Wednesday Wipe Down


It’s the middle of the week and time for some basic homekeeping chores.

Like many of you, our house cleaning chores (vacuuming, dusting, bathroom cleaning, etc.) take place on the weekend.

By taking a few minutes in the middle of the week, you can save some time on your weekend cleaning routine.

Here’s what we do on Hump Days:

  • De-clutter kitchen counter tops
  • Make sure the mail has been processed
  • Look through newspaper and magazine racks for issues that can be tossed in the recycle bin (or taken to work for others to enjoy)
  • Wipe down kitchen and bathroom counter tops and sink
  • Do a quick swish in the toilets (no cleaner needed, just the toilet brush)
  • Wipe out bathroom sinks (a cleaning rag and some window cleaner is all it takes)
  • Wipe down bathroom mirrors (just a quick-clean here, not a full-blown cleaning)
  • Wipe off toilet seat and tank (a cleaning rag or paper towel + window cleaner here too)
  • Check to see if kitchen floor needs vacuumed and/or mopped.  With all the foot traffic of summer (us + the dog) it doesn’t take long and there’s blades of grass and pieces of mulch all over the floor.  Nasty!
  • Gather laundry and toss in a load or two

All this may seem like a lot, but remember:  this is a QUICK clean process.  Nothing detailed.  Just get things looking a bit better for the rest of the week.

This 15-20 minute task really does help shorten our weekend cleaning time.

And the biggest bonus:  a de-cluttered kitchen is a good thing.  :-)



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    • Crafty Dad says

      Oh, I’m certainly not the BEST. But I sure try to do all I can.

      It takes a lot of hard work to keep the house and yard looking good. We work together on chores. My wife is not afraid of the lawn tractor. And I’m not afraid of the vacuum cleaner or toilet brush. It’s been that way for over twenty-five years and seems to be working quite well!

      Thanks for the comment!


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