Mya’s Keepsake Box (Birthday Gift)

myaskeepsakebox“Handmade is the best …”

That was the comment made at Mya’s birthday party last Sunday.

One of the guests was oohing and ahhing over the gift I made and said that her favorite gifts are those that are handmade.  Amen.  I agree 100%.

The keepsake box took longer than I thought it would. No surprise there, right?  Doesn’t everything take longer than you expect?  But it was truly a labor of love.

It has been SO long since I’ve actually designed and made something.  It felt good to gather up the supplies and get to work.  ‘Making things makes me happy’.  If you’re a crafts-person or artist, feel free to Tweet that.

The best ‘thank-you-I-love-it’

It’s pretty amazing to me that with a little ingenuity, you can transform a paper mache box into something wonderful.  It made me smile to see four-year old Mya walking through the house with her arms wrapped around the box.  That was the ultimate compliment.

Here are some more photos of the box:

boxview1 boxview2 boxview3

Your turn:  I will appreciate your honest feedback on the box.  And…I’d like to know what YOU’RE making these days.  Please:  leave a comment below!  Thanks!



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  1. Kirk says

    Great job! We like to be able to give homemade gifts too. Our latest project has been knitting ruffled scarves.

    Glad to have you back.

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