Big Trees = Big Decorations = Big Hit on My Street

Lots of houses in my neck of the woods are decorated for the Holidays.

But…two homeowners have gone ALL OUT.  A pair of very tall pine trees have been professionally draped with lights.  They are beautiful.

These are crappy, Droid phone photos.  I need to take my REAL camera with me next time.  But…you’ll get the idea.

Another tall pine tree down the street from our house.
And just a few houses away, there’s this one:

Ginormous Pine Tree with TONS of lights

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    • says

      Justin – You have NO idea the amount of decorations that go up at the Crafty Dad house. Oh. My.

      I told my wife we really need to dial it back a notch next year. Ha! We’ll see.

      We have a really tall pine tree in our front yard. It would look awesome with a million tiny white lights on it.

      Did I just say that?

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