“An Old Love Will Come Back To You”


That was the message in my fortune cookie today. I was lazy this morning and didn’t pack a lunch. So when 11AM came around, I headed off to my favorite Chinese restaurant for some of the best food on earth.

In other words, “My name is Mike and I’m addicted to MSG.” There. I said it. Let’s move on.

I’ve been away from my blog for a long time. And crafty, creative projects? Those haven’t happened for a long time either. I hit a long, dry spot. Other things took priority. And I just…moved on.

Some days I really didn’t miss either activity. Other days, I dreamed of logging on and sharing a thought or two with the world.

There were a few times that I really missed playing with paper and glue or fabric and thread.  But I told myself there was no time for that now. There were other things that needed to get done. And the craving went away.

Well…the craving has returned. And it’s become stronger these past few weeks. I’ve tried to push it down…but it keeps popping up in my psyche. So…I’ve decided to allow it to ‘be’. And today’s fortune has confirmed my decision. “An old love will come back to you”.

It’s right on target.

And the timing is perfect: Holiday time should give me the opportunity to make (rather than buy) some gifts. And..we’ve already started to trim the house with Holiday decorations. And..my wife and I have started making plans for Holiday baking.

Here’s the plan: I’ll start blogging on a consistent basis. And…I’m going to clean out the craft corner in the basement. Right now it’s sort of over-run with dead bugs on the cement floor. And spider webs. And general clutter. That’s one of the projects that I’ve been busy with the past few weeks: de-cluttering (that should be a blog post all on its own).

We’re not quite at the ‘hoarder’ level (LOL!),  but I seem to accumulate a lot of stuff. And much of the stuff needs to find a new home. I’m selling some. Tossing some in the trash, and donating a good chunk of it to Goodwill. It feels really good to get rid of it. It’s been piling up for a long time. And, as much as I like ‘stuff’, I’m finding out that I like ‘space’ too. The clutter has suffocated my creativity. Not good.

So…here we go again.

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