Matt’s Inagural Christmas Tree Lighting


Sometimes you just have to hand over the reigns and let the kids do things.  This was the time.  I’ve been lighting the Christmas tree for many years.  This year, Matt asked if he could do it.  Without hesitation, I said “of course”.  And, to borrow a line from the book How the Grinch Store Christmas,  “My heart grew three times in size that day”.)

He did a fantastic job.  Here…take a look:

 (Matt got some help from Riley too.  Okay…not really.)

The Finished Product.  Dang…and a great job, huh?

And to think, this was my Little Man a few years back.  Time marches on people.  Make the most of every moment.  Especially when it comes to your kids.

I Love it When a Plan Comes Together!

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The cool part?  I got it all taken care of within ten (10) minutes after looking for some help online.  Google is truly my best friend!

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