This Could be Happening Tomorrow

We’re looking forward to a little shopping trip.

Matt is more excited about the Legoland store (go figure).  The wife and I are looking forward to spending some time at IKEA.  Wonderful place!

What fun and exciting things do you have planned for the weekend?


Hot Weekend For Camping


It’s REALLY hot again this weekend.  So, camping out means camping IN.  We stayed in the park model and played poker.  We = me + the boys.  Jennifer is not a poker player.  She fell asleep on the sofa watching TV.  No photo of that as I value my marriage.  Enough said.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend time.

Oh, and we are in SERIOUS de-clutter mode at our house.  If you’re interested in fabric, sewing machines (I have a nice Singer 401-A that I’m going to be parting with) let me know.  I’m also going to be selling the like-new (barely, barely used) Janome coverstitch machine that I bought a couple years ago.  It’s a wonderful machine but as much as I thought I just ‘had to have it’, I have not had a need to use it.  It’s going bye-bye soon.


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