Pulled In So Many Directions

Like most of you, I find myself pulled in a hundred different directions most days.

Part of it is just “life” in general. Nothing we can do about that —  Just roll with the punches and react in the most positive way possible.  Yes.  I get that.

But…much of the frustration (at least for me) is self-imposed.  I over-commit to several projects and (ashamedly) under-deliver.  That’s a rotten feeling, you know?

I’ve been having conversations with myself (yes, I talk to myself a LOT) and I’ve also approached this subject with my wife and kids.  We all know that I have a touch of ADD and I tend to start several projects and never finish them.

The decision has been reached.  I’m going to focus on the important parts of my life and still leave room for some creative time.  If I completely give up the creative time, I think I would turn bitter.  And no one needs that!

I have several other blogs that I try to keep up with.  Most of that is going to be put on hold.  I’m going to concentrate on the Crafty Dad blog and my Etsy shop. Oh, and I want to contribute to Handmadeology as much as I can.  That’s a great resource for artists and craftspeople.  Check it out if you haven’t already.

I made a commitment with my youngest son on the garden project this year, so I’d like to be able to document that in the blog we have set up.  But…posts may be sparse.  And that’s okay.  Matt and I have talked and I told him that the garden project is a partnership:  him and me.  He’s done with school for the summer so I urged him to create a post or two each week.  It will be a good thing for him.  It will keep him away from the television and game-systems for a while.  And…it will keep his writing skills sharp.

It’s a new week.  And a time to re-focus.

Wish me luck!

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