Family Photo Op

Hey bloggers….Wow..three posts in the same week.  That might be a record for me!  LOL!!

We were at one of our county parks the other day for a little outing.  Unfortunately, we had so much rain the past few days the walking trails were so muddy it was impossible to use them.  Fortunately, the sun was shining and I had my camera (never leave home without it).

A little bit of editing via Picnik (I really like that program) and voila, we have a photo:

Crafty Dad, Crafty Mom, Riley,
Mr. Teenager and Little Guy
Here are a few more:

Hope you’re enjoying the Autumn season.

Take care!

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  • Carolyn (Harbor Hon)

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. You and Crafty Mom look wonderful, as do the guys, and Riley is getting so big. xxoo