It’s Going to Look Like Christmas

Happy Black Friday! (Oh…I truly don’t like how that sounds.)

Hope your Thanksgiving was a good one. The Crafty Dad family made the annual pilgrimage (no pun intended!) to Auburn, IN for the big feast. A good time was had by all. Lots of food, fun, family and laughter. My favorite combo-package.

After we got home, Crafty Mom made her way to the basement to supervise in the traditional “carry-the-Christmas-decorations-upstairs” event. The boys helped out as we made several trips up and down the stairs — good exercise after eating so much turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, etc., etc.,

A foyer-full of decorations.
Riley is not sure about all this!

Today is the day: decorate the house. It’s become a tradition. And I enjoy bringing the house to life with all the decorations. My mom was a HUGE fan of Christmas and always make the house look so nice. She passed away 14 years ago…and I miss her. Especially during the Holidays. I’m guessing she’s looking down from heaven and smiling as we do what she did for so many years. Miss you Mom!

The tree will be decorated tonight. Jennifer and the boys wait for my help on that one. I am the official tree light guy. I started wrapping each individual branch of the tree with lights a few years ago. Wow! Talk about a brightly-lit evergreen. I think it looks great and we continue to wrap lights from year to year.

I’ll share some photos with you later this weekend.

In the meantime…hope you find all the bargains you were looking for today. Don’t forget the ONLINE sales. Speaking of which, my Etsy store is having a 25% sale on tissue holders — that’s $1.00 off the regular price!

Have a great weekend,

Happy Thanksgiving

Hey bloggers!

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Seems there’s always something to complain about — road construction that forces us to go miles out of our way (always in a hurry, aren’t we?), ‘fast food’ places that are really not ‘fast’ and sometimes not even ‘food’, pharmacies that put our prescriptions back into inventory too soon (that just happened to me today). But…we have SO much to be thankful for, don’t we? Like a job. I love mine. And I love the people that I work with. Family? Oh yeah! Tops my list. [Love you guys!]. A place to call ‘home’. A wife that puts up with all my ‘craftiness’. Yep. So much to be thankful for.

Be safe and have a great holiday.

The Grist Mill at Bonneyville Mill Park

Sale Continues in my Etsy Shop

The 25% off sale continues.

Book Giveaway Winner

And the winner of the book giveaway is (drum-roll please…..)


Number three (3) was picked out of the hat. And number three (3) belongs to Harbor Hon.

Seasons at Seven Gates Farm

I’ll be sending her an email message asking for her mailing address so I can get this great book on its way.

Thanks for playing.

There will be more giveaways in the weeks to come. Stay tuned.

Book Giveaway

I’ll be drawing the winning name for the book giveaway later this weekend.

Was planning on doing it yesterday, but had to take my wife to the eye doctor to have a cyst removed.  Ouch!

She’s doing okay, but the pirate eye patch makes it tough to do things.

I will keep you posted.

Have a good day.

Etsy Shop Update

Hey bloggers!

As promised, my shop has been updated with some new items.

Big Holiday sale going on now through the end of December on tissue holders. Regular price is $4.00; Sale price is just $3.00. I’m trying to keep the store stocked with good stuff so YOU can take advantage of great prices and I can move out some inventory.

Here’s a sneak peek:

More updates later. Gotta get busy.
Have a great day.
P.S. Make sure you sign up for the book I’ll be giving away this Friday. Just enter your name and email address in the sign-up form (over there in the right-hand column) and you’re all set.

GCC Rocks!


  • Cleaned up the yard again. Those leaves are still falling and blowing around.
  • Whipped up some new tissue holders to put in the shop (watch for an update tomorrow morning).
  • Had lunch: turkey sandwiches and soup. Yummy.
  • Made a trip to Woodwind & Brasswind. Mr. Teenager is going to switch from Alto to Tenor saxophone. Bought him an early Christmas gift. (He LOVES it!)
  • Went shopping for poster board: Little Guy is doing a project on John Dillinger next week.
  • Stopped at McDonalds for a quick snack.
  • Went to church. The current series is on Relationslips. As always great content. Fantastic music and media. Last night we had a special guest. She is awesome.
  • Had dinner at Culver’s. Good stuff and easy on the budget.

Granger Community Church
Now we’re off to a cousin’s birthday party.
Hope you’re having a great weekend.

It’s the Weekend!

Hey bloggers!

We made it through another week. Hope yours was a good one.

I recently changed my mailing list service here on the blog. If you signed up on the old one, I’ll (hopefully) be able to add you to the new one. But….just to make super-sure you’re on the list for giveaways and other cool stuff, please use the new form (over there in the right-hand column). You just need to enter your name (first and last please) and your e-mail address. It’s that easy. You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail. Follow the links and you’re all set up.

As an incentive to add your name to the list, I’m hosting a book giveaway next Friday. It’s only open to those of you that have signed up (US residents only). So…hurry over to the form and enter your info. It was a thrift-shop find so it’s not new, nor is it in perfect condition. However, it is in VERY good condition (a couple small tears on the dust cover). Beautiful photos, and 223 pages. I think you will enjoy it! Here are some shots of the book.

Country Living
Seasons at Seven Gates Farm
Natural Crafts, Old-Fashioned Gardens, and Homespun Holidays
ISBN: 0-688-14466-7

Oh..and there’s a 25% off sale going on over at my Etsy shop. Take advantage of some great prices now through the end of December 2009.

Have a great (crafty) weekend!

Family Photo Op

Hey bloggers….Wow..three posts in the same week.  That might be a record for me!  LOL!!

We were at one of our county parks the other day for a little outing.  Unfortunately, we had so much rain the past few days the walking trails were so muddy it was impossible to use them.  Fortunately, the sun was shining and I had my camera (never leave home without it).

A little bit of editing via Picnik (I really like that program) and voila, we have a photo:

Crafty Dad, Crafty Mom, Riley,
Mr. Teenager and Little Guy
Here are a few more:

Hope you’re enjoying the Autumn season.

Take care!

I Have Two New Brothers!

It’s true — I have two new Brothers. And I love them both very, very much.

There are several years difference in their ages. One was born in 1965, the other in 2009. They are both handsome and very strong. I get along with both of them. No sibling rivalry here, folks.

In all seriousness…I found the vintage machine at the thrift shop today. You know I’m a sucker for vintage machines…especially the ones that are in pristine condition. I hit pay dirt today by golly. Brought my new (old) Brother home. Gave him a dose of oil and he was off and running. Like a well-oiled machine. Well…he IS a well-oiled machine now isn’t he? [Sorry I couldn't resist.]

Here they are in all their glory.

Click on the image to get a better view.
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