For the Love of Babies and Baby Bibs

Hey….I have another reason to make baby bibs. My cousin Amy had a baby girl justa few weeks ago. Her name is Mya (that’s A-M-Y with the letters re-arranged). How cool is that?

Here’s my Little Guy holding Mya at the
birthday party we attended on Saturday.

And this is “Mr. Teenager” holding her.

It’s great to have a new baby in the family and it gives me great pleasure to make some itty-bitty baby bibs. Here are the three that I made and gifted this past weekend.

Hearts, Frogs and some Japanese Fabric bibs.

A closer look.

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  1. Carolyn (Harbor Hon) says

    The guys look great and so does baby Mya. Mike those are some beautiful bibs you made. I really think they turned out well and the fabrics are yummy. xxoo

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