Science Fair Project – For Son No. 1

The “Before” picture:  nice, healthy, green plants
The project?  Acid Rain and its effect on plants.  Start with five great-looking plants and water them each with a different combination of water and vinegar (to imitate acid rain).
What do you get?
The “After” photo. Acid Rain is not a good thing.
Okay…we’re off to get some photos printed and to make a trip to Shipshewana, IN.  One of our favorite places to go.  Amish country.  Northern Indiana (where we live).  We’ll be stopping at E & S Sales (bulk foods, tons of flour varieties, herbs, spices, etc., etc.) and Yoder’s Meat and Cheese Shoppe.
The weather has warmed up considerably.  It’s now 12 &deg F outside, which is WAY better than -16 &deg F which we encountered yesterday morning.

Hopefully, I’ll have some craft time later today.

Have a great day!

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  • Carolyn (Harbor Hon)

    What a great project! I have to say I never thought about acid rain in this context until now. Son #1 just taught me something new to really get the brain juices flowing. Thanks for that. xxoo