Busy Weekend

Oh, it’s definitely the Holiday season. In addition to the obvious (Christmas songs playing on the radio and all the decorations in the mall) it’s the rush-rush-rush of our schedule that tells me the big day is not too far away.

Friday night was the middle-school play. Son No. 1 had the lead role in Who Poisoned His Meatball? It was a hoot! The audience was laughing the entire time (oh, and it WAS a comedy by the way). The kids did a fantastic job. Crafty Mom and I were especially proud of the young man who had the role of Luigi.

Who Poisoned His Meatball?

Middle School Play – “Who Poisoned His Meatball?”

Take a bow!

Take a bow! You did a fantastic job kiddo!

Saturday Son No. 1 spent the entire day at a rehearsal for Honor’s Band. He was selected as a top musician from his school to join 17 other area schools for a concert on Sunday afternoon. It was phenomenal. Those kids played their hearts out and played music that was at a skill level that …. I don’t know. My wife and I were in high school band back in the late 70’s and we never played music like that. They did a great job and received a standing ovation.

Honor's Band Concert - 11-23-08

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  1. Carolyn (Harbor Hon) says

    Son #1 you rock! You are so involved in everything from drama to music. I see a future in the entertainment industry coming … maybe? :)

    Crafty Dad and Crafty Mom, you’ve raised some great children. Very proud for you. xxoo

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