Saturday’s To Do List

Crisp. Fall. Morning.

Let’s see:

  • Little Guy’s soccer match
  • Lunch perhaps?
  • School projects (both for Son No. 1 and the Little Guy)
  • Hem some pants (daytime high temps are NOT what they used to be)
  • Start making the coaster sets I cut out several weeks ago
  • Relax (if possible)
  • Church at 5:30
  • Finish up what doesn’t get done during the day
  • Get some photos uploaded to Flickr so I can share them with you
  • Whew!


  • My little guy’s team won the soccer match (1-0) It was an awesome game. All the kids (from both teams) did a great job and had a good time, which is a very important part of the whole ‘game’ thing in my opinion.
  • Lunch: Hacienda Mexican Restaurant (I ate way too many tortilla chips)
  • Hemming pants: so far five pairs (with the help of my wife –thank you Honey!)
  • Now…it’s off to Barnes & Noble and church.
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