Just wondering

if I should skip the monthly fee on TypePad and come back to Blogger. I swear I can’t make up my mind.

In the meantime, I’ll pretend that I’m sitting on the patio, enjoying a perfect summer day.

Your comments are always welcome. Does anyone have an opinion?

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  1. sea mystery says

    Mmmmm! Patio … oh, uh, sorry, was just daydreaming there. :) My apartment doesn’t come with that kind of amenity. Yours is perfect. Fresh air … plus family … equals good times.

    I think you should go with your gut. Coming back might save you some money for … I don’t know … thrift shopping. :) xxoo

  2. knuckstermom says

    I don’t have an opinion about blogger vs. typepad. I just wanted to say how much I enjoy lurking around your life!

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