Spring? I don’t think so …

With snowflakes (the size of watermelons) falling from the sky, it certainly doesn’t seem like Spring here in my part of the world — Northern Indiana. In fact, we were under a winter weather advisory from 8:00 last night ’til 4:00 this morning. It snowed and rain/snowed like nobody’s business.

The Robins are back and I’m sure they feel like they made a very big mis-calculation on their return flight from the sunny South. I’m guessing it’s pretty tough to find worms in the ground with all this snow. But then again, I’m not an expert in the field (no pun intended!).

Have a great weekend.

UPDATE on the wife: She does not have Temporal Arteritis. Which is good news. However, we’re still trying to figure out what is causing the horrible headaches. She’s going to see how the next two weeks go. Our next step is a neurologist.

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  1. Stacy A. says

    Man I feel ya on the spring front! I woke up to sleet smashing against my window. They say global warming is making everything hotter…well it hasn’t visited the North West this year, thats all I’m saying.
    I really hope they can find whats giving your wife those headaches. They are so crippling! I am loving my Crafty Dad tissue holder and coasters, they add a nice flair to my home. Love Stacy

  2. sea mystery says

    So glad to hear it’s not what was thought. Please send her my good thoughts and prayers that she’ll soon be well.
    I missed old man Winter … we got snow on two different days, but it didn’t stay around long enough for me to enjoy it. Guess you can tell I love snow, huh? :) Not looking forward to hot, steamy Baltimore weather … at all!
    Carolyn xxoo

  3. "t" says

    oops – sorry about the deleted post…i thought spring was here, too (central illinois) but it’s not…sigh…maybe soon?

    please pass on good thoughts and prayers for your wife…

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