Craft Corner Update

As promised, here are some new pictures of the Craft Corner.
I’m not finished, but I’ve made MAJOR progress since the last photo I shared with you. Here’s one of the sewing machines in his new ‘home’:

Shelves were installed on 2-2-08. I’m pretty much done with getting the pegboard permanently fastened, then the trim goes up. Then…we’re 95% complete!

The Cub Scout Pinewood Derby is next Saturday. So..the Little Guy and I have been busy making his car. You can see some of our supplies on the left-hand side of this photo. We’re keeping our fingers crossed on this one. I enjoy working with fiber media; however, derby cars are not my forte’. But we’re getting there.

I was going to drill holes in the Formica(R) counter-tops, but changed my mind and did a much easier thing: I drilled holes in the pegboard and then fished the electric cords up, in between, the 2×4’s. It works great and really doesn’t look bad at all.

Thanks to my dad and my wife, this long-awaited area is coming to life. It’s great to have a space dedicated to my hobby time.

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  1. sea mystery says

    The “corner” is looking really good. Great idea for running the cords … wouldn’t have thought of that, also great to have such good helpers like your wife and your Dad. Peace. xxoo

  2. angiesangels says

    I love it!!! I also like how you refer to your sewing machine as a “him”. I wish I could get my husband to do some crafty things with me. I told him that if he does some sewing with me, I’ll go hunting with him, but I’m still waiting….. :)

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