Wordless Wednesday

Sky – on the way to Auburn (Indiana)12-1-07

Not bad for a photo taken from inside the mini-van as we made our way to Auburn.

EDITED: Yes, I realize it’s still Tuesday. But…give me some literary license on this one and let’s just call it “Wordless Wednesday”, okay? Okay.

Happy Tuesday

Another day, another drastic change in the weather here in Northern Indiana. I was pushing the snow blower at 5:00 this morning. Hope I didn’t wake you! I’m sure there was at least six or seven inches of the white stuff on the ground. Yes, yes, it’s ‘pretty’, but pretty don’t get it. You know? It’s a mess to drive in and … well, it’s the end of February and it’s time for ugly, dirty, muddy landscapes sunshine and warmer temps. This flaky stuff has to go!

On a brighter note: I know that I heard two Robins singing this morning. I couldn’t actually see them, but I know they were out there. They have that unique chirp. You know the one? Next time I’ll take my camera with me and capture them digitally.

Hope you’re having a good day.

Now..go make something!


Chocolate banana bread

Chocolate banana bread
Originally uploaded by crafty dad

After seeing Jennifer’s muffins, I had to check out the recipe and make some for myself. And…come to find out, my family doesn’t really care for chocolate banana bread, so it WAS all for me. And I totally enjoyed it. You should make some of this stuff too!

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