Say A Prayer for Hershey

Our Chocolate Lab is very sick. She has spent the last two nights at the vet’s office. She has a bacterial infection in her kidneys. Not good at all.

Her blood work is showing signs of slight improvement, but she’s not out of the woods by any stretch.

So….please keep her (and her family — we are all very upset over this) in your prayers.

We thank you!


UPDATED 12.21.07 — Sad news. We had to put Hershey to sleep last night. She was so glad to see us and we felt SO, SO bad, but her kidneys are failing and there’s nothing that could make them better. The boys were part of the process and I think it helped them put some closure to this. Oh…what a tough time.

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  1. sea mystery says

    Prayers and blessings to your sweet chocolate lab for a full recovery. Will keep all of you in my prayers that good news will come soon.

  2. She sure is strange! says

    Oh I am so sorry! We have two labs(17 months old) and I can’t imagine what you are going through now. (((((Crafty Dad and Family)))))

    What a bittersweet Christmas for you guys, hold each other close.


  3. Life Junkie says

    My heart goes out to your family. It’s so hard to do what’s right when you look at your pet and they don’t understand what’s happening but look at you with such love in their eyes. You DID do the right thing, though, and you came through for your pet who trusted you to not let him (or her) suffer needlessly when there was something you could do to help him (or her). God bless.

  4. sea mystery says

    So sorry to hear about Hershey. We lost our beagle, Sambino, a few years back … we sat with him until the end. It made us sad to lose him, but so much better that he was not suffering anymore. We think back on him now and believe he is chasing squirrels in heaven.

    Keep Hershey’s memories close and it will make you smile.

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