Son No. 1 Makes Breakfast

Originally uploaded by crafty dad

Yes, it’s true. My oldest son said he was going to make scrambled eggs for breakfast. And a fine, fine job he did.

Thinking back to when I was twelve, I was cooking, cutting the grass, helping with laundry, babysitting my brother and sister (which is a subject worth a blog post all its own!).

So…it was really nice to come downstairs to a plate of scrambled eggs. Just add some ketchup and enjoy.

Thanks Son No.1! You can make breakfast (or lunch or dinner) for me anytime. :-)

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  • micah

    man, you’ve almost got me convinced! I may have to get a few of these “kid” things.

    How are they with cleaning bathrooms? LOL

  • Camping Jason

    Wow, I used to eat ketchup on my scrambled eggs when I was kid… Here’s another tasty treat… throw in some leftover spaghetti noodles with the eggs and then put the ketchup on. Yummmmm

  • Mike

    Hmmm,I’ll have to try that Jason. We’re having chili tonite, and I always put some kind of pasta in with it. Chili-Mac, Chili-Elbows, Chili-Spaghetti. You get the idea …

    BTW..I need a pair of knucks. My knitting skills are suck-o, so I’m going to buy an inexpensive pair of knit gloves and cut off the finger tips and give them a finished edge. God…wish me luck on that one.