Home Makover :: Holiday Style!

From Thanksgiving to Christmas — all in a four-day weekend. Can I get a woot-woot?
It all started with a bowl of cranberries.

And quickly went from here to …

Nutcrackers all in a row in the little guy’s room…

to this…

Garfield ornament on my little guy’s Christmas tree…

to this…

Gumby-style ornament…

to this…

the family room tree.

A favorite (and simple) ornament.

By the end of weekend…my wife and I felt like this.

Hershey was not impressed by all the decorating hub bub.

So: let the craziness begin! The shopping. The crafting. The baking. The making of lists. And checking them twice. In all the rush-rush-rush, may you find some peace and quiet during the Holiday season.
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  1. Stephanie says

    Beautiful decorating! Sorry I haven’t stopped by lately – it’s tough to blog with two little kids running around!

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