Mashed Potato Tribute for my Little Guy

My seven-year-old had a bit of trouble yesterday at school. It seems he was buried in a pile of leaves when another student decided it would be fun to jump on him. Oh maybe three or four times on the stomach. Yeah. That’s the ticket! Then…as if that weren’t enough, a second student joined in the fun and jumped on him — twice. Dang! The behavior of some kids is just a bit more than I can handle.

Let me just say that my wife and I don’t pretend to have perfect kids, but I can tell you that they have enough sense and manners that they know right from wrong. I don’t think I would find either of my sons in a situation where they would jump on another kid. While I’m on my soapbox…can I just say that the behavior of several school children pretty much amazes me. It seems they can’t keep their hands to themselves. And…the ‘grown up’ language they use is another issue I have. What are their parents teaching them? Or…have I hit the nail on the head with that comment? Perhaps the parents are NOT teaching them. I guess I’ll save that for another post.

But…back to the story. So…my wife is at an offsite meeting for the entire afternoon yesterday when the school principal calls and leaves a voicemail message to let her know that our son was in a “situation” at recess but everything is okay. Not so fast….. When my wife picks him up from his after-school program, he tells her that his stomach hurts and that he can’t pee. (Oh joy!) When I get home from work, he’s complaining that his lower abdomen still hurts. So…the decision was made to take him to the ER to check things out. After an IV and a CT scan, he was allowed to go home. Some bruising, but nothing major. Thank God!

So…”Little Guy”, I’m so glad that you’re okay. You’ve had your share of tough times at school this year and I sure hope that things get better for you.

This post is for you buddy! My red-headed, mashed potato eater. Mom and Dad love you very much. And we’re sure proud of you!

Hot potatoes in the mixing bowl on Thanksgiving morning.

Ready for the second batch. Love that KitchenAid mixer baby!

My “little guy” licking the bowl and the spatula. He LOVES mashed potatoes. And Hershey does too. See her in the lower right-hand corner? She knows a good thing when she sees/smells one. :-)

Have a great weekend everyone. Give your kids an extra hug.

Home Makover :: Holiday Style!

From Thanksgiving to Christmas — all in a four-day weekend. Can I get a woot-woot?
It all started with a bowl of cranberries.

And quickly went from here to …

Nutcrackers all in a row in the little guy’s room…

to this…

Garfield ornament on my little guy’s Christmas tree…

to this…

Gumby-style ornament…

to this…

the family room tree.

A favorite (and simple) ornament.

By the end of weekend…my wife and I felt like this.

Hershey was not impressed by all the decorating hub bub.

So: let the craziness begin! The shopping. The crafting. The baking. The making of lists. And checking them twice. In all the rush-rush-rush, may you find some peace and quiet during the Holiday season.

So Very Thankful –

For so many things. Even though I’ve been crabby and complaining about my stress level and work load (at work) I’m SO happy to have a job that I really like (most of the time LOL!). And a wonderful, supportive, gracious, (the list goes on) wife. And two of the best kids in the world. And last, but certainly not least, the fantastic blogosphere of crafty people. You are some of the most talented, creative and caring people on the planet.

You make my day. You really do.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pickles, Pumpkins and More

Dill pickles, sweet pickles, garlic, Kosher, bread-and-butter, I love them all. Yes, I’m a pickle person to be sure. Are you a pickle lover too?

Just to the left of the plate o’ pickles is the pumpkin bowl. Which currently serves as the centerpiece of the dining room table.

And above the pumpkin bowl is this light fixture. I was playing with the camera when I took this one. I really like the black background.

Fountain in front of the Woodwind and Brasswind’s showroom.

My oldest son’s saxophone needed some TLC (new cork and a thumb-key adjustment) so it was off the The Woodwind and Brasswind for a repair visit. If you’re ever in the market for a musical instrument, I highly recommend visiting their showroom in South Bend, IN or their web site. Cool place. Very cool.

Hope you’re having a great autumn weekend.

Brown Friday

Lightly-browned apple muffins. Food seems to show up often in this blog. Wonder what that means? Oh..nevermind.
Have a great weekend, folks!

Thursday – Cream Anyone?

Today is brought to you by the color cream. Enjoy!

More Blue Wednesday

Okay, I’m going overboard here, I know. But really. Have you ever seen such a B:L:U:E sky? I ask you: Well??? Have you?

Ok. That is all.

Blue Wednesday

Woo Hoo…three days in a row with the color theme started by JCasa. I’m so proud of myself. Ha!

A sea of blue. The combined Seventh Grade Band at this year’s Fall Band Festival. This is the second year of band for my oldest son. He loves it! And has a ton of fun with the other kids. Their musical skills are vastly improved over last year. My wife and I were so impressed. Like ‘goose bumpy impressed’. The kids really worked hard and the concert was a hit.

Blue sky. Green and amber trees. And a hint of russet. Against a beautiful blue sky.

Tuesday :: Grey

In keeping with JC Handmade’s color of the day theme this week, I humbly offer this splash of grey.

Grey. With a touch of gemstones. The boys panned for gold and gemstones during their trip to pick out pumpkins this year. Amazing Acres is just that: amazing. As part of the tradition, my dad accompanied us on the trip. We had a great time. Feeding the goats, laughing at the goats, playing in the ‘cornbox’ (think sandbox, but instead of sand, it’s filled with kernels of dried corn).

My oldest son is making a corn-angel in the cornbox. And my little guy is jumping in to join him (upper left-hand corner). They had a great time that day.

Yummy, Yummy Pumpkin Bread

Nothing says lovin’ like something from the oven. My wife made four loaves of scrumptious pumpkin bread this weekend. Just add butter and you are in heaven. The plate is a thrift-store find from a few months ago.

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