Kid Krafts – Halloween Projects

A quick trip to Michael’s Craft Store and $40.00 later, we had craft projects for everyone. Here’s just a couple of them.

Here’s my little guy working on his paper mache pumpkin. Folk Art paint was on sale. I think we paid 89 cents for the bottle. And the color? Oh…it’s “pumpkin”, of course. :-)

My middle-school guy bought this and had it whipped together in no time. Wow….he takes after his crafty dad. I gotta say.

:: Creepy Close Up ::

I even found some great W-O-O-L yarn. That’s wool as in sheep. As in non-acrylic. Getting the picture? Knitter dudes take note: Crafty Dad found him some natural fiber and snatched it up at just $1.00/skein. Sorry…no pictures as proof, so you’ll just have to believe me guys.

P.S. The 40% off coupon is a good thing.

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  1. micah says

    $1 ? that’s crazy talk. Where was this!? I could load up and do some serious felting for the holidays at $1 a ball. What’s the yarn?

    Good for you for jumping up to the wool! You’ll never go back! I can tell.

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