Simple, Summer Salad

My dad has a garden and he shared these green, banana and black(?) peppers with us soon after we returned from vacation. He also gave us a couple ripe tomatoes. (I am a TOMATO FREAK, just so you know.) I have been in love with tomatoes for as long as I can remember. When I was a teenager, I can remember taking the salt shaker out to my grandpa’s garden. I would find a nice ripe one, carefully twist it off the vine, wipe it on my shirt, take a small bite (just to get to the fleshy part), then I’d sprinkle salt on it and eat it up. It was heavenly.

Fresh ones, stewed ones, canned ones. If it’s a tomato, it’s a friend of mine. Unless, of course, it’s a rotten one. Then….well…that’s a whole different story.

Fresh vegetables from Dad’s garden.

A very, simple salad. Chopped veggies and some Vidalia Onion dressing from Tastefully Simple. If you’ve never tried it, you certainly should. They have some great products.

Summertime on Nantucket

The hydrangeas were in full force and I took lots of pictures of them. My wife and I have been on the island several times during the summer months, but I don’t remember this many hydrangeas. I remember roses.

More vacation pictures will be posted soon.

And … we’re back!

The vacation was wonderful. There were a few ‘bumps’ along the way, but all is well. No one got sick. No one got hurt. We laughed. We cried. We had some very quality family time. I’m happy about that.

It’s taking some time to get back to normal. What is normal? I’m not sure I know. Anyhow…I took lots of pictures and will share some of them with you as soon as I get them downloaded.

Going on vacation is always a treat. But coming home is nice too.

Stay tuned for “Cape Cod – 2007” coming to a blog site near you.

Head East Young Man, Head East

Vacation Destination: Cape Cod Massachusetts

… and take your family with you.

Yep, heading out tonight on our summer vacation. Cape Cod here we come.

I pray for a safe trip, a good time, good weather, memory-making stuff, and a safe trip home.

See you later!

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