What’s for Breakfast?

Breakfast – 5/18/07
Originally uploaded by crafty dad.

What better way to start you day than with breakfast? The expiration date on the egg carton was telling me to “use these today”, so I did. I boiled a dozen eggs and ate three of them for breakfast. Along with a piece of raisin toast and two cups of strong coffee (with creamer, thank you very much.). It was a wonderful way to start a Happy Friday.

This was my ‘test egg’. It’s a bit softer than a hard-boiled egg, yet not quite a soft-boiled egg. So..whatever you call it, it was de-licious.

What did you have for breakfast?

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  1. Mamma Spice says

    I eat a lot of semi-hard eggs like that, with just a sprinkle of kosher salt. Alternately, you can make them devilled with mayo, cayenne, mustard and season salt or curried with a little plain mayo and curry powder.

    Today though I had a chocolate croissant.

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