Look! I Made a Hat!

Here’s the hat I crocheted a few weeks ago for Son No. 2. Nothing too fancy. But hey, it’s a FINISHED project — and I guess that makes it very special!

UPDATE: I’m sorry that 99.9% of my photos are taken on the kitchen countertop. But…that’s where there is some half-way decent lighting and a nice surface. I’ll try to be more stylish in the future. –mike

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  1. Betriska says

    Fabulous!!! Love the colors!! I want to crochet. :o( But, I’m not very good at it I’m afraid. Maybe I should try harder in 2007!!

    YAY for you and podcasting!!! I’ll go take a look!!! Um. I mean LISTEN!!! hehehe!

  2. Linda says

    hi Mike I am soooo far behind on blogs lately, just checking out yours and this hat is fantastic!!! well done you :o)

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