Cute Packaging Idea …

We had breakfast at the Essenhaus last Saturday morning. We live very, very close to the Amish community here in Northern Indiana. The Essenhaus is one of our favorite places to visit. The food is wonderful and they have some great home decor items for sale. There are several shops on the property, and we checked out our favorite one. Tons of cool Christmas stuff and a really large display of Jim Shore’s creations. That man is very talented.

[The Bakery at Essenhaus]

These dishcloths caught my eye while we were shopping in the Bakery at Essenhaus. It was more the container and not the dishcloths that grabbed my attention. And…so we just had to buy some. The container is too cool. (Sorry for the crappy pictures — I was in a hurry!)

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  1. Morgan says

    I found you through your comment on Allsorts and really dig your blog. I didn’t realize how many ‘crafty dads’ are out there! Awesome. Will check back often! Best~

  2. Bea says

    LOVE it!!! I’m thinking I should do something like this with my Market Dishcloths! Thanks (AGAIN) for the inspiration! :o)

    So? How goes the last-minute-make-and-do? :o) I’m STILL sewing and knitting! Hey! I’ve still got … um? FOUR days! hehehe! I started in AUGUST!!!!


  3. faithness says

    i want that box. seriously, i want it so badly and I can’t figure out why….great packaging is so fulfilling.

    also love your blog.


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